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2017-12-22 | Xi'an, China

LONGi Enters the List of “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises” with Flying Colors!

LONGi Solar Posted on 2017-12-22

On December 12, the “Belt and Road” International Energy Summit Forum & the 7th Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises Summit released the list of Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises, and LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. ranked the 78th in the list.

With many achievements in the PV sector and outstanding contribution to energy transformation in recent years, LONGi got the 78th place in the list of Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises in 2017, up 53 places from the previous year.

The successful landing on the list of “Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises in 2017” with outstanding comprehensive strength is full recognition of LONGi’s long-standing strategic guidelines and remarkable achievements in the PV area.

This year, LONGi has won a number of awards, including “Top 100 Listed Companies on China's Main Board”, “Fortune 500 Chinese Companies in 2017”, and “Top 500 Chinese Energy Groups in 2017”.

Devoted to the monocrystalline area for 17 years, LONGi has continued to drive the development of the PV industry with technological innovations, and maintained leading advantages in both efficient monocrystalline products and corporate financial health.

As a new energy enterprise of China, LONGi will continue to consolidate the development achievements and cooperate with PV industry peers to boost the healthy and sustainable development of the global new energy industry!

Statistics show that the threshold for the list of "Top 500" has steadily increased year by year, exceeded RMB 1 billion for the first time, and tended to grow fast in recent two years. The list of Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises has become an important wind vane for the development of the new energy industry.

The selection of Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises is an authoritative and objective big event launched by China Energy News and China Institute of Energy Economics for the new energy industry. With reference to international practice, the selection is based on the revenue of the new energy enterprises in the previous year, and has been successfully held six times.

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